About Horsey Shades

Who Is Horsey Shades?

I'm Susi LaCross, Designer & owner of Horsey Shades. I was 11 when we bought our first horse, Brandy, who was my dream come true! I have had a passion for horses my whole life. They are a symbol of endurance and strength, and are a very healing animal. The horses healed me when doctors had no answers.

I was working on Remington Ranch 7 years ago, when a friend's horse required several eye surgeries due to the sun damaging them severely. I knew then that something must be done to stop the sun from hurting any other horses, and to teach people we must find a way to protect and prevent these horrible injuries.

It has since been my journey to create a "sunglass mask" for horses. They had aided in bringing my health back, and I had a true heart-felt need to return the favor.

So Horsey Shades is now a reality. There is no longer any excuse for sun damage to your horse's eyes. Let these gentle healing horses see forever!

What Are Horsey Shades?

Horsey Shades is a Colorado native company dedicated to creating the best possible protective facial gear for your horse, providing 90% UV protection that you can count on keeping your horse's face and eyes safe. And look good while doing it!

Horsey shades, made from an advanced blend of PVC and Polyester, effectively reduces the harmful rays of the sun to safe levels, diminishing the chances of your horse suffering from UV-itis, all while giving them the extra flair they deserve!

How Do I Measure For A Horsey Shade?

Sizing for Horsey Shades is very comparable to other mask brands on the market. Our helpful video shows exactly how to measure your horse to determine the correct size.  Reference the sizing chart below after measuring to ensure a correct fit. We can also create custom shades if your horse doesn’t fit into one of these sizes. Please contact us for custom options and size requirements.

Size Top Band (in) Throat Latch (in)
Extra Small 12" 26-28"
Small 13" 29-31"
Medium 14" 32-35"
Large 15" 36-38"
Extra Large 16" 39-41"

Can My Horse See Through His Horsey Shade?

Horsey Shades are composed of 25% polyester covered by 75% PVC, with a 10% openness and provide 90% ultra violet protection without blocking your horse's vision at all.

The right side of this picture was shot through the actual screen material used to make Horsey Shades. The left side is the same picture taken with nothing in front of the lens.

Horsey Shades are perfect for protecting your horse's eyes any time he exposed to the sun, even during trail rides.

Custom Options

We are happy to customize any Horsey Shade to meet your needs. Multiple trim colors, personalized brands and custom sizing are just a few of the options our customers frequently request. If you have a special need, please contact us and we will be happy to make the perfect shade for you and your horse.