Protection is Prevention!

Protect your horse's eyes from damaging UV rays!

Calming Magnetics

Embedded magnetic beads keep your horse calm!

Protect Your Investment

Uveitis won't keep your champ down!

The Newest Innovation In Eye Protection For Your Horse


Thank you so very much for making the Horsey Shades for my Shetland Pony Rusty.

It fits really well, the quality of the material and workmanship is great, and it's roomy around his eyes! There has been no irritation to his eyes. I appreciate how you guided me along with the measurements so that we got a great fit!

And it got to me so fast, added plus! Thank you again!

-- Suzzette and Rusty

This was a week ago at Mid Atlantic Equine Medical Center here in NJ. Chief and I were waiting for the Ophthalmologist to do an evaluation on Chief's eyes. He had cyclosporine implants in both eyes 2 weeks before at New Bolton Equine Medical Center, U of Penn. for reoccurring uvietus. The doctors there were all looking at your HorseyShades so I gave them one of your brochures. Chief has to have atropine in his eyes to keep them dialated now, so they really liked the black. Makes it so he can go outside and be a normal horse again. yea.

-- Lona